Are you being left behind?

cloud computing

With changes in computing technology happening at an unprecedented rate these days, it is not hard to believe that it is all getting too much. More importantly, it can be difficult if you think that you are getting left behind, and are unsure what you can do about it. If you feel like this, then […]

Franchise opts for Google Apps for Business

Google Apps

One of the more popular ways of starting a business nowadays is to buy a franchise. While franchises such as opening a McDonald’s or Starbucks is probably beyond the financial reach of most people, there are many around that are more affordable. One such franchise is Home Care Assistance (HCA), an American-based business that provides […]

Is there too much hype?

cloud computing

Cloud computing is the main buzz phrase nowadays.  It permeates just about everything from business, education and other organisations. However, is there perhaps too much hype surrounding this concept that is perhaps clouding our judgement and our understanding of what it actually is for? For example, there is a story doing the rounds that a […]

Are you making the most of Google Apps?

Google Apps

Whether or not you use all the facilities offered by Google’s cloud-based IT system, one application most often used will be Google Mail. However, if you are anything like me you will probably still only use a small part of this email system, in particular reading and sending emails.  I recently discovered though, that Gmail […]

Is one cloud enough?

cloud computing

Recent research by CompTIA, a global IT organisation, suggests that as cloud computing settles in, businesses will start looking at the various benefits offered by providers. A spokesperson from CompTIA told “Once companies hit a stage where they are using [virtual] systems as a standard part of IT architecture they weigh the pros and […]

Marketing company imagines a new future with Google

Google Apps

A British marketing firm believes that hooking up with Google Apps for Business has been great for its own future development. It seems that Imagination, a company founded 40 years ago has managed to save itself a staggering £410,000 by switching to a cloud computing IT system, in particular Google’s. Imagination employs 450 staff spread […]

New service spreading like wildfire

Cloud computing

To most people cloud computing refers to such services as Software as a Service (SaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). However, at the rate of development of this virtual technology, many new services are starting to come online. For instance, I heard recently of something called Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). The latter […]

IBM loses out to Google

For a long time now IBM’s Lotus Notes has been the number one database application. However, since the development of cloud in general, and Google Apps in particular, Lotus Notes has struggled to keep pace with the rapid changes that internet technology has brought. As such, many of IBM’s clients, while loyal, have found this […]

Is Google Glass viable for business use?


Google has been developing a new concept called Google Glass. The idea behind this is for people to wear specially designed spectacles fitted with a video, camera and anything else that Google thinks will work. When I heard about this I thought it was a rather strange and unworkable idea – even a gimmick, and […]

European institution plays host to Google Apps for Education summit

Google Apps

The International School of Prague is hosting this year’s Google Apps for Education summit that takes place later this month over two days – 12th and 13th October. Google Apps for Education is now very popular with educational establishments across Europe and the USA.  Increasing numbers of primary, secondary and tertiary schools and colleges are […]