Apple in yet Another Legal Battle

Legal battles between technology companies are probably not new, but I heard the other day, that Apple has now filed an injunction against the online store, Amazon.

It seems the iPhone manufacturer is suing Amazon over the latter’s use of the Appstore.  Apple claims, Amazon has violated trademarks on Apple’s iTunes App Store.

A spokesperson told “Apple has asserted that Amazon’s service is inferior and will tarnish Apple’s mark. Among other things, Amazon is making software available that bypasses security safeguards on Android, thereby increasing the potential harm of viruses and malware to customers’ Android devices.”

Apple is also unhappy with two other issues.  First Apple says Amazon’s own app store is inferior to its own, which is a bit of a slur really.  However, the company bases this view on the second fact that Android Apps (not Google Apps) have been targeted by malware.

Certainly, Google has had a number of security issues over the last few months with a large number of its apps being infected with malware.  This has caused Google to remove them from their store.

The problem I have with this is that Apple’s management seems to have a superiority complex.  Last year, the company was embarrassed when they decided to try out Flash on its mobile devices.  It crashed, and rather than blaming the operating system, the company effectively accused Adobe of creating a poor product.

However RIM’s new tablet devise is happily using Flash, so is it Flash or is it Apple’s devices?

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