Global Company Announces Integrated Payment System for SmartPhones

Adyen, a leading global company involved in international payment technology has said they are launching a fully integrated payment solution for both Android SmartPhones and the iPhone.

While I personally am very slow on the uptake of actually using smartphones for anything else other than making calls or using Google Apps, I am tempted to use it to pay for things I buy.  It is certainly a clever idea.

Apparently the new solution will allow developers to install a number of different payment systems for a range of online things – PayPal, iTunes, credit cards and so on.

Not being technologically advanced, I am unsure how this will be different (if at all) from the other payment system being proposed called near field communication, which is set to revolutionise payments without the need to carry a credit or debit card around.

Adyen says a large number of well known global businesses have taken up their new technology.  These include Pathe Cinemas – the largest of its type in Europe and Greetz, one of Europe’s online greeting card sellers.

The Chief Executive Officer for Greetz, Johan van Vulpen told “More and more of our customers have been demanding flexibility and convenience over mobile.”

He added “Adyen’s payment platforms have been developed with this in mind, which made it a no-brainer for us.”

The CCO of Adyen, Roelant Prins said “A growing number of our customers have been asking for an alternative payment solution to iTunes on the iPhone, in addition to supporting payments on Android devices … and this is exactly what we have developed.”

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