Buy an Android Device and Get Free Music

In fact, I believe there are number of products which Amazon is giving away free for every Android device bought – tablet or smartphone.

I’m not sure if this is available in the UK, so it might be worth checking it out. I would be very surprised if it isn’t.

The US version of the online store is giving shoppers $15 worth of vouchers to spend in the Amazon app store as well as the music store.

Over the years, Amazon has developed into an all in one shop selling a wide variety of products from books to electrical items and even food. One of its more recent ventures is selling applications, in particular Google Apps, plus Android gadgets. So, if you are looking for a deal, it could be worthwhile checking out what‘s on offer.

For instance, the SIM free version of the Motorola Atrix Dual-core smartphone has been reduced to £429.99 – a £70 discount. At the lower end of the market you can buy a Nokia 1616 pay as you go phone (on the Orange network) for just £17.99.

Experts, I believe, have made a suggestion that Amazon is offering deals like this in order to entice you to think of them when considering buying a tablet device, particularly an Android tablet.

I must admit though that having searched through the Amazon UK site, I haven’t come across any tablets other than Amazon’s own kindle device. So, the offer could just be for American shoppers after all.

If so, that would be a pity.

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