City Officials Take Security Issues Seriously

City Officials Take Security Issues SeriouslyPanama City government in Florida is one of a number of political organisations that are now using Google’s cloud system.  However, officials were worried about how secure the system was.

As such, they have added an extra layer of security using a Google app to prevent unauthorised access to Documents.  This, I think, is probably a wise move since in recent months many organisations across the United States have been overwhelmed by hackers bent on getting into their systems.

Google Docs is particularly vulnerable to hacking as the documents created by the application are now portable.  Without security protection they can be easily opened or hacked into by unauthorised people.

Furthermore, since cloud storage is itself intended for use by many people working in an organisation, it too can be easily attacked by anyone with the know-how.

Bearing all this in mind officials at Panama City Council decided not to take any chances.  Consequently they purchased CloudLock for Google Apps.

Speaking with Richard Ferrick, Network Administrator for Panama City said “Really, without using CloudLock, Google Docs, in my opinion, is not an enterprise-level product.”

Interestingly, CloudLock works by securing information on the cloud.  Which means IT workers can see who may be trying to access the information.  This helps to determine whether they are authorised or not.

Mr. Ferrick added “I have the ability to see who is sharing documents internally or externally for public viewing.  I have [CloudLock] set up where it gives me a nightly report on documents that are being shared publicly, the title of the documents and who is sharing them.”

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