Adobe Flash now Ready for Ice Cream Sandwich

Adobe’s latest version of its popular Flash Player software is now available for use on Android smartphones and tablets.  The new version is 11.1.

Interestingly the application for Google Apps is now considered to be the best ever version as many of the bugs and problems associated with previous versions of Flash Player have been sorted.  Previous versions tended to be unstable.

This news will no doubt be warmly welcome by all Android users who want to make better use of videos, games and other multimedia apps on their mobile devices.  I also think it puts Android a little ahead of Apple in this regard.  The latter has not had a good experience including Flash on its own gadgets.

Talking with, Tom Nguyen, Senior Product Manager for Flash runtime said “As we’ve mentioned before, we’re focusing on enabling amazing Flash based experiences via apps on phones and tablets, and this release will be the last major version of the mobile browser plug-in.”

He added “The most stunning, innovative content and games for mobile devices are delivered and consumed through apps.  The most impactful, engaging experiences on the desktop are delivered through the browser….Flash allows you to craft and deliver beautiful experiences for both.”

I have to admit the invention of Flash has improved the experience of websites and software on desktops and laptops for many years now.  It would be missed if no longer available.

Its addition for use with Ice Cream Sandwich could just enhance the latter’s reputation as a leading operating system, every bit as good as Apple’s iOS.

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