Popular Apps in the Google Apps Marketplace

It’s interesting to survey the most popular apps in the Google Apps Marketplace, as different professional and business sectors often make different choices when dealing with the same basic tasks.  I think that this is also a mark of how sophisticated these apps are and how carefully they have been tailored to suit the needs of the professional.  Here’s a sample of three of the most popular installs:


Insightly is the most popular Customer Relations Management (CRM) and Project Management package.  This app allows you to track projects, proposals, business leads and opportunities, and also to manage files.  The interface is very easy to use, the central contact list can be shared and there is a comprehensive history of customer interaction.  This is a free plan. A competitor from the UK is CapsuleCRM, and is the CRM which I use, and it also has a free plan.


Mavenlink is the leading Collaboration and Project Management package.  Great for time management, this app handles files and tasks, expenses and invoices and allows you to brand using a customised colour, logo and link.  It seamlessly integrates Google Contacts, Docs and Calendar.  This is a free plan with an unlimited number of free users.


MailChimp is a powerful programme that makes it easy to manage your subscriber lists.  It is easy to use for distributing email newsletters to your customers and will also track the performance of mail distribution campaigns.  This app integrates beautifully with Google Docs, Contacts and Analytics.  MailChimp is free if you’re sending up to 2,000 emails, and free use is capped at 12,000 emails per month.

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