Music App Grows in Popularity

I’d not heard of this application before, but it seems that a new music app is growing in popularity on the Android platform.

The application from Google Apps, called Carnatic Raga, was designed by a graduate student called Sivakumar Loganathan.  It apparently features no fewer than 968 ragas.  The latter is a melodic mode used in Indian music.

Raga music is also apparently related to the time of the day or with the seasons; a bit different from Western music, which has associations with many different things.

Speaking with, Sivakumar Loganathan said “Carnatic music system is very rich.  It is important to preserve our cultural heritage and spread knowledge through technology.”

He added “Even though there are so many books and Internet resources available for Carnatic Raga reference, I have seen people making phone calls to carnatic experts to identify a particular raga.  This is because there is no single, simple interface available to search Ragas.”

Indian music has become increasingly popular in many parts of the world, particularly Western countries, and more especially with the export of Bollywood films.  As such, I don’t think it comes as much of a surprise to know that the Carnatic Raga app has been downloaded by 30% of application fans in the USA.  In India the figure is naturally higher at 48.5%

The application was launched in April, last year.  Since then it has been downloaded 3,090 times.  The best month was December.

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