Yet Another U.S. Government Agency Switches to Google

Google appears to be carrying on where it left off in 2011.  I recently heard another government agency had decided to switch over to using Google Apps.  This one is the well known National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which interestingly is the largest organisation of its type to do so.

You might well be wondering why the NOAA would use Google Apps rather than a more fixed system.  It seems that Google’s cloud platform suits the organisation better for one simple reason – staff members generally are not stuck in an office all day.  Instead they are out about.

The agency also decided to switch for another reason, namely the ease and reliability Google’s system apparently offers.  A spokesperson for the NOAA, Kenneth Jackson told The speed and ease of [NOAA] moving to Google Apps was an important factor in the agency’s decision to select Google.  Moving 25,000 people to a new system is no small task.

He added “To move a group this size to a unified email platform in just six months is a remarkable achievement.”

Experts are concerned, however, that despite this major coup for Google, other large and largish government agencies may not be so ready to switch.  Google might have had a number of successes, in particular with U.S. local education bodies, but organisations dealing in more sensitive information have so far been reluctant; for instance, the Los Angeles’ Police Department, which recently reneged on its decision to move.

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