Google Continues its Killing Spree

I have heard that Google has decided to kill off a number of other apps that it considers no further use as the company pursues its own dream.

Last week the search engine giant announced that it was getting rid of Picnik, Google Message Continuity (GMC) and Needlebase.  The first of the three was acquired by Google in 2010, but the firm believes it is better served by being integrated into Google’s own photo editing application, Picasa.

A spokesperson for Google, Dave Girouard, who just happens to be vice president of product management for Google told “We’re retiring the service on April 19, 2012, so the Picnik team can continue creating photo-editing magic across Google products.”

As for Google Messaging Continuity this apparently backs up Microsoft’s Exchange system.  However, it appears that while many people are using this service, many more are more interested in signing up to use Google Apps.  This means GMC is rather defunct or will be at some point.  So, I understand why Google would want to get rid of this software.

I am not sure when GMC will be disbanded, but if you are a Needlebase user then you will have till the 1st June to continue using it when it too will disappear.  Needlebase is a data management platform.

Another app disappearing, but on the 20th April, is Graph API.  I believe this is hardly used at all.

Finally, while there is one application that Google wants to preserve – Sky Map – there are reports that the company intends making it open source.  If you like Astronomy this is good news.

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