Charging on the Move

If there is one thing that can be really annoying, that is forgetting to charge your mobile phone before leaving the house.  It might be my age, but I must admit that I’ve done this on quite a number of occasions.

However, there is now a solution to hand – literally.  A hand held mobile charger.  Not just that, it runs on solar power.

The device is the rather strangely named PowerFreakz Evolution 3000 Solar, and it was recently favourably reviewed by technocrats.

A little thicker and shorter than a mobile phone, the device can be carried around in your pocket very easily.  Initially, I think you have to charge the unit up either from your laptop via a USB or from the mains.  However, once charged it then uses solar power to keep running.

Interestingly as well as a carry case, the gadget comes with a number of swappable heads, which means your smartphone is more than likely compatible.

What got the reviewers excited though is the practical test.  It seems that the PowerFreakz Evolution 3000 Solar managed to hold sufficient juice to charge the reviewers smartphone twice over before needing to be recharged itself.

I also gather that it charged the devices in what the reviewers describe as a respectable time.

The PowerFreakz Evolution 3000 Solar was reviewed for use on smartphone and other mobiles.  Whether it can be used on iPads and Android tablets I’m not sure.  However, if you happen to be using Google Apps on the move, you can now keep going without worrying about losing power.

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