Wikipedia Goes App

If you are a regular Wikipedia user then this will interest you enormously, I think.  There is a new application from Google Apps available that you can download from the Android Marketplace.  The app has been around a while, but was first created for Apple’s iOS platform.

Interestingly, along with Google and some other big names Wikipedia recently blacked out its main server last week in protest over the USA Federal Congress trying to pass a Bill involving copyright.  However, it seems people with the Wikipedia application could still access the site from their mobile device.  I’m not sure how that worked.

In order to avail yourself of the Google app, your handheld device must run Android 2.2 or better.  I presume this also includes Ice Cream Sandwich.  You can read articles offline, and there is even an option to email a particular web page to your contacts.

The app is free to download.  It will also be available from the Amazon Store in the near future.

Wikipedia is one of those websites that just about everyone turns to when looking for information.  I have to say, it’s very rare that I don’t find something about a topic I’m looking for.

The site itself, however, may not always be accurate as it is a free resource written and maintained by members and volunteers.  It is probably for this reason that the people behind the site decided to oppose the SOPA Bill going through the U.S. Congress.


  1. Yep Wikipedia did a noble thing doing blackout

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