New Privacy Policy Won’t Affect Businesses

Google recently announced its new privacy guidelines, but a spokesperson for the company said these new regulations won’t affect any business or educational establishment using its Google Apps.

Google Enterprise Vice President Amit Singh told “Enterprise customers using Google Apps for Government, Business or Education have individual contracts that define how we handle and store their data.”

He added “As always…the new Privacy Policy does not change our contractual agreements, which have always superseded Google’s Privacy Policy for enterprise customers.”

Some analysts believe that general customers are being treated poorly compared to business and organisational customers.  However, I think it also has to be pointed out general customers do use Google’s services for free.  Businesses pay for their services so are bound to have more clout where contractual arrangements are concerned.

Interestingly though, it appears that any contract an organisation signs with Google is not always enforceable by Google.  A case in point is the recent debacle involving the Los Angeles Police that signed a contract to switch from its in-house email service to using Google’s cloud system.  However, it decided not to do so, thus breaking its contract.  So far, Google has made no attempt I believe to enforce it.  Whether it will in the future I haven’t a clue, but somehow, I don’t think it will.

There have also been concerns raised recently by U.S. General Services Administration (USGSA) who wondered what Google intended to do with government customers’ data.  Google, however, seems to have appeased the USGSA that everything is alright.

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