Display “Quirk” Helps Maintain Battery Power

A researcher, I believe, has come up with a novel idea to maintain battery power on OLED and AMOLED smartphones.  With many smartphone Google Apps using up batteries so quickly these days, this could be welcomed by smartphone users.

OLED is an acronym for organic light-emitting diodes and is (along with AMOLED screens) the fastest growing way of displaying information on a smartphone.  However, it has a rather unique and quirky feature allowing the user to create a stunning black screen background.  This happens apparently when the pixels of the screen are physically turned off.

Now you may be forgiven for wondering why anyone would want to do that, but from what I gather it is similar in effect to white writing on a black background often seen on websites.

However, this feature does come with an advantage – it uses less battery power than traditional coloured screens.

Yet, while an interesting benefit, white on black is not everyone’s cup of tea.  So, to make it more amenable, a researcher has managed to modify core Google Apps that are run on a machine.  Doing so apparently has improved the battery power while at the same time allowing users to see the screen in multicolour as well as white on black.

The researcher, however, does point out that this colour reversal still has a flaw – namely it is still harder to read white print on a black background rather than the other way round.  It is images that appear coloured.

If you like this quirk, you are warned, however, that a number of things must be done before it can be used.

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