What is Apple up To?

That’s a question I believe is exercising the minds of some experts in the mobile gadgetry world.  It seems there is a rumour circulating that the company is organising some sort of “strange” event this month ahead of launching the iPad 3.

The news seemingly came from an unknown source inside Apple.  He is reported to have told knowyourmobile.com: “[A] new Japanese report has clarified earlier claims of an Apple event in February with the cryptic details that Apple will hold a ‘strange’ event in February and a Special Event to launch the third-generation iPad in early March.”

Ever so secretive, Apple itself hasn’t made any official comment, but I guess it is only a matter of time considering it is supposed to be organised for later this month.

However, there is still some confusion as to what this and another planned event in March are actually supposed to be for.  There is a suggestion that maybe Apple is about to launch something new.

Unlike Apple, companies that develop Android devices are much more open about what they are up to, even if they are little cagey about it at times.  For instance, Samsung is supposed to be launching their Galaxy S Advance in the very near future.  While a seemingly very good smartphone, it doesn’t feature Ice Cream Sandwich.  As such, any Google Apps that are designed for this particular Android platform will not work.

However, no doubt this will change as Android 4.0 becomes the standard.

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