Google Seeking Better Accreditation

Google recently signed an agreement with the UK Government for the civil service to start using its apps.  However, there are questions, I believe, over security.

Consequently, it’s been reported that Google is seeking higher security accreditation, which would give Google a better chance of getting a stronger foothold in Government departments.

To date, the Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Services is using Google Apps, but the UK government is assessing the viability of this before opening up anything else to the search engine business.  A spokesperson for the Cabinet Office suggested that the use of Google services is very limited at the moment.  The spokesperson told “If a higher security level is required, the staff can access products that have been given a relevant higher security level.”

However, the number of accredited levels is currently not huge, which understandably is frustrating the company.  However, Google has decided to explore different ways of increasing its accreditation level.  The company said “Certifications help communicate certain assurances to customers, but they only tell part of the story.  Most were not developed with the cloud infrastructure in mind.”

With the present UK Government looking for ways to make cuts in spending, Google seems an appropriate way of offloading its expensive in-house systems.  However, to do so takes time.  It also, I think, has to ensure that Government security isn’t put at risk.  Perhaps, the recent Los Angeles Police Force’s security problems are in ministers’ minds.

That said, Google has been told that they must complete all assurances over security by this coming Friday.  It will be interesting to see if it does.

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