Does WP8 Compare to iOS 5 and Android 4?

Last week it was reported that Microsoft was working on its latest windows phone software called WP8.

While this is good news for those who enjoy using Microsoft’s mobile operating system, some experts, I believe, are wondering how it actually compares to both Apple’s iOS (version 5) and Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).

From what I gather Microsoft has managed to develop a product that not only is usable on smartphones but also has features that are compatible with PCs.  This is interesting since people like me still use a desktop or laptop computer, and while Apple does manufacture the Apple Mac computer, Google’s attempts at something similar crashed.

Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo is the latest in Microsoft’s attempts at developing a smartphone operating system.  Currently the latest version used is WP7.5 generally called Mango.  The company is also releasing an update shortly called Tango.

However, Microsoft is determined to take on the two smartphone giants and it seems experts are rather impressed so far.  The software giant also wants to offer something different.  For instance, speaking with, a spokesperson for Microsoft said “We think your smartphone should be smarter.  When I take a picture, a ‘smart’ phone should anticipate that I may want to share it with a friend or on Facebook and help me easily do that.  With Windows Phone these kinds of things are just built in, and we think there’s always room for a better way.”

Does the iPhone or an Android smartphone do this?  I’m not sure its does.  If not, this is a great new development.

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