The Galaxy Nexus – a Pure Google Experience?

Samsung recently launched its flagship Nexus smartphone as part of its superb Galaxy range.  It was, I believe, designed with Google in mind.

Well, that’s what we are told.  But how true is this?

Pretty true by all accounts.  To start with, the handset plays host to an awful lot of Google Apps including Google Maps 5.0 with 3D maps and turn-by-turn navigation, and Gmail.  There is also Google Earth, YouTube, Movie Studio, plus syncing with Google Calendar.  Finally the built-in Google+ app has been redesigned, I understand.

So, given all these great applications that form part and parcel of the Galaxy Nexus, the handset does appear to give its owner a pure Google experience.

Moreover, it is also the first Android smartphone that is powered by Ice Cream Sandwich.  However, what does this actually mean in practice.  Well it seems that users of Ice Cream Sandwich will find that it is a kind of turbo-charged Android platform, or as some would say, Android on steroids.

For instance, there are new innovations such as Face Unlock that uses facial recognition to unlock the phone.  Now I do like that little gem as it is a great security feature.

Another useful function is Android Beam.  This enables users to quickly share webpages, YouTube videos and applications with friends simply by tapping phones together.  While interesting, I’m not sure whether this will take off.

Other unique features include People App, which allows you to see your friends’ profiles, and a camera that lets you do some fun things while videoing.

All in all, an interesting Google dedicated device.

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