Android market targeted again

I believe Google’s Android Market has been targeted once again.  This time by fake Android Apps, including phoney items of some of the most popular games around such as Madden NFL 12 and Angry Chicken.

I must admit I’ve not heard of these games before so I am unsure whether the fake items are just on the US version of Android Market or the British version as well.

Like other malware, downloading such fake applications will damage the mobile device.  For example, downloading to a smartphone could put your contact database in jeopardy.

The problem, interestingly, was found by the so-called Android Police and not Google’s latest creation, called Bouncer.  All-in-all around a dozen fake apps were found.  Bouncer itself has only recently been launched, so this new attack may not have been detected by the new security measure anyway.  Hopefully, now that it is up and running, it will prevent future attacks.

However, one analyst believes that Bouncer may also be limited in what it can do.  Dmitri Bestuzhev, security expert at Kaspersky Lab, told “[If an app developer is] already known and trusted by Google, that developer account will be a prime target for cybercriminals.”

Google’s Android Market has been troubled a lot over the past year with malware and other dangerous applications.  The problem, it seems, is that Android is more easily attacked than, say, Apple’s iOS platform.  The latter isn’t totally immune, but attacks on this are rare.

Whether Google’s new security measures that are only just being implemented are enough, only time will tell.

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