Android Heavily Promotes Google Chrome

Google Chrome has been around for quite a while now (the last three years in fact) for use on desktop computers and laptops. It has been widely adopted by many people, including me – I use it on my netbook.

However, Google wants it to become the standard browser, so has decided to offer it as such on all Android phones and tablets.

So, if you enjoy using Google apps, you have the chance to be completely ‘Googled’ by using Chrome rather than other proprietary browsers, such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or the inbuilt smartphone browser, generally referred to as the stock browser,

I have to say that one of the major reasons I like Chrome is its ability to create and store thumbnails of websites visited. This means that instead of having to type the address or click on favourites to retrieve a particular site, it is already there. You simply click on it.

If using an Android smartphone this makes life much easier.

The question that has to be asked though is considering Chrome has been around for three years, why has it taken Android so long to incorporate it on a smartphone?

Seemingly, from what I understand, Google made a business decision to take its time before incorporating the browser within its Android system.

In an interview Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Google Chrome, said: “We didn’t want to just push out Chrome light. Our goal was to get all of Chrome onto Android.”

It seems the dream is coming true.

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