Android Multimedia Apps – Some of the Best for Apple’s AirPlay

Until the day finally arrives when using Google apps to listen to music and so on is no longer the norm, and I don’t think that day is far off, there are a number that I believe are very good.

As such, I thought I would give you the low-down on a few.

Ironically, while these applications are Android apps, they have been created to work on Apple’s AirPlay system.

AirPlay is Apple’s latest innovation which allows Apple product users the chance to watch films, listen to music and do all manner of multimedia ideas wirelessly. The multimedia, including music, can be transferred easily from say an iPhone to a TV set.

Taglists By Eye-C is a multimedia application that allows users to build a tag list of items that have been tweeted. For example, if someone has tweeted information about a video on YouTube or a music track, then the hashtag can be used to build a list on AirPlay for later use.

Another sharing app is iMediaShare, which allows streaming all sorts of multimedia via AirPlay. This includes music, video and even photographs. In fact iMediaShare is much more than just a file-sharing program. It has so many functions that it will take too long to explain. One analyst described it as monstrous.

A similar application to iMediaShare is Twonky. However, this particular app comes in two formats – a more generalised version and one which is music dedicated.

However, sometimes we can over complicate things. For something simpler, try Honey Player. It streams music straight from an Android device to AirPlay.

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