Android Switches To Music

Not content to just offer Google apps, Google’s Android is now launching its own dedicated music service. It is also thought to be the first hardware development that Google has embarked on for a while.

This particular new idea is part of an ongoing project Google is involved in called Project Tungsten.

Among the new hardware developments that were shown off by Google when it launched this project was a tablet that could switch lights off or send music to hi-fi equipment.

Experts also reckon that Google’s recent acquisition of the American smartphone manufacturer Motorola is part of this new hardware development project.

You could be forgiven for asking why Google is now working on a new music system when it already offers music. However, it only does so via third party manufacturers. As such, Google seemingly wants to ensure that it provides music (and probably a wider multimedia platform) under its own brand.

In fact, I believe Google is already working on its own brand TV service in alliance with a number of other companies, some being TV manufacturers with others involved in the making of TV programmes.

The music service is a logical extension of this, although analysts are not expecting Google to have anything on display next month at the Mobile World Congress.

Google’s existing music system currently involves Google apps as the means to stream music. It does so by using Sonos. If developed, the new project will do away with this application method.

In short, it sounds like a ‘music- on-demand’ service under Google’s own brand.

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