Google Apps cost savings for companies

Cost-savings is a hot issue today, with companies trying to run more economically and more efficiently.  For many who have resisted cloud-based computing, we are seeing them making the move because it is logical, even strictly from a monetary aspect.  Large companies in particular, I believe, are finding the cost savings of running leaner data centres and server farms significant, and the move to cloud computing and Google Apps has begun.

Particularly in the area of document sharing, we see very little out there that can compare to Google Apps.  One common complaint with Microsoft products is the inefficiencies associated with sharing: the saving, e-mailing, comparing versions, tracking changes, and the like.  With Google Apps, all that disappears.  The time savings per employee for a large business multiplies into real time and monetary improvements.

Add to that the fact that complex Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are no longer needed to ensure security, and the cost savings multiply.  IT support teams can be scaled back, as Google supports assistance on their end.  Integration of apps is already built-in, so there’s no need to evaluate new options constantly as they’re being rolled out.

Now that Google Apps is FISMA certified, data assurance and security is top-flight, reducing concerns for another large group of potential customers.  Redundancy is increased as well.  There have been stories of catastrophic data failures at corporations due to server failures, large power outages, or other events beyond the control of the company.  All that can be avoided by keeping the apps and data secure within the Google Apps cloud.

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