Asus and Samsung planning new tablet drive

I believe that two major manufacturers, Asus and Samsung, have both decided independently to focus their energies on persuading smartphone owners to buy a tablet device.

The group of consumers they have targeted are described as hesitators – those who are basically hesitating at purchasing a tablet.  Since Asus’ new Padfone device is a combination of both a tablet and smartphone, they may have a little more success at this target market.

The major reason why tablet sales are not doing as well as many thought in the industry is apparently because smartphone owners – 54% it seems – don’t feel it is necessary to buy one unless there is a reason to do so.

I have to agree.  I have also resisted so far in buying a tablet as it won’t improve my life.  Yet, many people do say it has transformed their lives while on the go.  For instance, when shopping, you can contact someone to show them something in a shop and get an instant reaction, although it has to be linked up with another device.

The Padfone itself was launched officially this week at the Mobile World Congress and has been described by experts as a top notch gadget.  The smartphone works independently, but if you want to use the whole thing as a tablet you simply dock the smartphone, which then expands the viewing area.

If I do buy a tablet, I think this would interest me more than two separate devices.

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