A new company forges link with Google

Google has another partner in its Enterprise Reseller programme.  I believe the company is called Maven Wave Partners based in Chicago, Illinois.

Announcing its decision to become a Google partner, Jason Lee, one of the partners at Maven Wave told timesunion.com: “The Google Apps Reseller programme has been a critical component of our business.”

Mr. Lee added: “We’re honoured to become a Premier Reseller, and we look forward to continuing our work helping Enterprise customers take advantage of Google Apps.”

Google’s reseller programme is something of an international affair with many companies – large and small – involved.  The aim is for businesses such as Maven Wave to spread the word about Google’s Business scheme.  In return, resellers receive a fee for each company that takes up the recommendation.

Resellers also receive ongoing training and help in the deployment of the search engine’s products.  They also have access to a range of other things such as access to APIs, something that is necessary for the successful integration of Google’s systems into business customers’ operations.

The applications themselves are increasingly popular with businesses as the latter find them simple to use and more cost effective than other packages on offer.  Moreover, as all the software tends to be on the cloud, maintenance problems are out of their hands.

Maven Wave Partners itself is an ideal partner for Google as it provides a range of services conducive to the market.  For instance, it provides management consulting, technology delivery and outsourcing services.

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