Is Google starting to fight back?

This time last year saw one of the biggest assaults on Android apps stored on the Android Market by malicious software or malware.

Since then another attack took place a few months later followed by experts criticising Google’s response as inadequate.

For my part, I have to agree that Google’s excuse that it sorts the problem out before it gets out hand very quickly is rather poor.  In addition, while the company did keep that line for the rest of the year they do appear to have conceded they were probably wrong.

However, rather than publicly admit they were wrong over their malware stance, Google came up with a new system – Bouncer – that seemingly scans all the apps stored on the Android Market.

While a number of experts wonder how effective this will be, Google for its part has changed tact.  Now it seems they are taking the fight back to the hackers.  No more “Mr. Nice Guy” seems the operative phrase, something confirmed by Google’s Vice President Hiroshi Lockheimer.  He told “Between the first and second halves of 2011, we saw a 40 percent decrease in the number of potentially malicious downloads from Android Market.”

However, some experts reckon that Bouncer, for all its promotion, isn’t as good as Google thinks it is.  For instance, Chester Wisniewski, Senior Security Adviser at Sophos, an application security firm argues that the problem on the Android Market was due to what he calls “dodgy apps” that steal user’s personal information.  He contends Bouncer hasn’t helped.

However Bouncer is new.  So it is too early to say how successful it is.

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