New and improved SugarSync now available

Are you a SugarSync fan?  If you are then I believe the latest version of the application for Android is better than ever.

To be honest, I have never heard of SugarSync, but from all accounts it is a very popular cloud storage application offering 5GB of free storage.  The new version also has improved functions including the ability to share a file with someone else without it counting against the amount of storage used.  In other words, the storage quota remains unchanged.  It seems this is something that affects other similar cloud storage systems.

SugarSync also offers users a paid service that I think is reasonably priced at around £3 per month for 32GB.  If this is insufficient you can access up to 1TB of storage.

Based on this information, I can see why SugarSync is popular.  In fact, I might even say it leaves other similar systems such as Dropbox standing, and I have to say what Dropbox offers users is very good.  While I no longer use cloud storage systems, I did find Dropbox one of the easiest to use.

Interestingly, SugarSync has a referral plan whereby a subscriber can get more free storage simply for referring friends.  You can even do this straight from the updated Google app by simply tapping on the screen where you want to place a referral advert – Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS and so on.

For each friend who signs up, both get an extra 500MB of free storage on top of the original 5GB.

A very interesting concept, I must say.


  1. Michael Jackness says:

    SyncBlaze is a similar solution thats offers lots more over other solutions. The andriod app of Syncblaze is due for release and would be really great once launched.

  2. piotr012 says:

    You can sign up using the following link to get extra 5000MB (10GB), enough for 5-10 more movies:

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