Windows app store officially open

If you use either Windows on your home or business computer or have started using a Windows Phone smartphone then you will welcome the news that Microsoft has officially opened its online store.

Just like Android apps from the Android Market or applications from Apple’s App Store, users can browse to their heart’s content on Microsoft’s new website, although critics say that the site is not a patch on either Android or Apple’s sites.  However, personally I think people shouldn’t criticise too early – it could come back to haunt them.

Microsoft is, after all, the past master of software, and while creating apps for its Windows Phone devices may be something new to the conglomerate, I don’t think it will take the company long to get its act together.  So it could be a case of “we will catch you up” sooner rather than later.

Anyone visiting the site and clicking on a particular app is given a short description of the application’s content, and presumably the required specifications.  There are also screenshots and reviews to help decide if it’s what you want.

Many of the apps are free to download, particularly those designed for use with the forthcoming Windows 8 platform.  The latter apps can’t be downloaded yet simply because Windows 8 is not yet available.  However, seemingly, visitors can read preview descriptions.  I think this is very useful.

The site itself while up and running isn’t apparently finished.  When it is Microsoft has said there will be a large number of useful functions.  At the moment, however, only 72 apps are available to download.

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