French reseller moves into US market

A French Google Apps reseller has decided to set up a branch in the US, I believe.  Revevol launched Revevol apps, a subsidiary in San Francisco, California in an attempt to offer its own cloud solutions.

This appears to be a new trend among Google resellers who rather than just relying on getting business for Google, also want to offer something extra or even perhaps different.

Speaking with, Laurent Gasser, CEO of Revevol Group, said: “By launching Revevol Apps, we are seeking to augment and complement our existing catalogue of products and services, rather than competing with the excellent solutions we are already selling with our technology partners.”

He added: “Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations by focusing on a strong synergy between our expertise, Google Apps and the applications we will be building…”

It seems that while still offering Google products Revevol wants to focus on other aspects such as administration, monitoring and document metadata management.  The company also wants to help other companies improve their productivity, overall performance and operational efficiency, via cloud computing.

A growing number of companies both large and small are now finding that by outsourcing their IT commitments to other businesses such as Google and Revevol, the money saved can be re-invested into other areas.  This, at the same time, helps fuel the growth in cloud systems.

In Revevol’s case it seems the French business has identified areas that it can capitalise on.

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