Benefits of cloud computing to your business

The major benefit of cloud computing is that it has managed to bring together a number of other technologies that can deliver a tailored virtual world for any business.

While most people would think “how can a virtual world help a business?” the fact is it simply cuts out the need for expensive infrastructure to be installed in a business.  As a business owner myself using cloud now enables me to use a lot of applications that ordinarily cost me a fortune to buy to use offline.  A prime example of this is accountancy.

To buy a good accountancy or bookkeeping package can cost hundreds of pounds.  Yet, there are a growing number of new companies as well as traditional companies offering businesses of all sizes the chance to record and store valuable information on the cloud; in short, on their company’s own servers.

This, as you can imagine has a number of advantages in itself.  First is the fact that once stored it remains there until the user decides to delete it.  So, even if you have a disaster and your computer at work or home suddenly packs in you can still access the information.

There are three different types of cloud computing services available.  These are software as a service, platform as a service and infrastructure as a service.  The first refers to online applications, the second relates to web-based operating systems – Linux, Windows and so on, and the third refers to whole infrastructure systems such as that offered by Google.

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