Google Apps for Business

Whether you run a small business working from home or a large international conglomerate, the chances are that there will be suitable apps for your business.

Perhaps the most recognisable application is Google Mail, but how many realise how useful this can be for business?  Google Mail or Gmail for short offers users far more storage than any other well known online mailing service.  What’s more, it keeps increasing.

To be honest, I often wonder why Google would want to keep increasing the amount of space available, particularly for someone like me who is self employed.  Yes, I do have a number of different email accounts for various facilities, but the number of emails I receive certainly doesn’t warrant a large storage facility.

Yet, I shouldn’t complain.  After all it’s a free service to use.  Even if you run a large enough business to pay for the service, the cost is still cheap at just $5 (approximately £3) per month or $50 (£30) per year.

Google Mail (like other online mail services) has one major advantage over offline email services that are part of a suite of office applications.  It can be accessed anywhere in the world and from almost any device; not just a desktop or laptop computer connected to the internet.

So what are the main benefits of Gmail?

These include BlackBerry and Microsoft Outlook integration, 25GB of storage per user, which is 50 times the industry average, video chat, instant messaging and one the best spam filtering systems around.

Finally, there is no need for installation of any hardware.

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