Google Apps success stories

A growing number of firms are now switching to using Google cloud services and associated apps.  One such company is Caravan Interactive.

This particular company was created in 2009 to take advantage of the growing trend in mobile technology.  However, it needed a way of using applications that enhanced its business at minimal cost.

Interestingly, the company decided to use Manymoon.

I believe to date, this particular software is currently used by over 50,000 businesses, which is testament to how successful the Google application is.

But what exactly does Manymoon offer?

The application (which is also the name of the company that created it) basically helps organise and track projects.  As such, it enables a business such as Caravan Interactive, and everyone working for it, to collaborate more effectively.  It also reduces the amount of email clutter, which every business, large or small, tends to accrue these days.

Essentially the functions of Manymoon are to enable users to share documents, events and other tasks.  It also allows users to link up with customers as well as co-workers.  Moreover, Manymoon is fully compatible with many other applications such as Dropbox, something companies such as Caravan Interactive were seeking prior to deciding to use this particular software.

Speaking with, Frank McDermott, Principle Owner and Senior Strategist for Caravan Interactive, said: “The way we were organized [before using Manymoon] was like juggling chainsaws.  Manymoon’s app just made it more efficient for us… it’s really the management app we needed in a cloud-based business environment.”

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