Is Cloud the only future?

Technology is changing so fast nowadays you can be forgiven if you find it hard to keep up.  When I first heard the phrase cloud computing I must admit I had difficulty getting my head round it.  That was until someone explained that basically it was just a means of storing information in a virtual world as opposed to reality, namely my hard drive on my computer.

Since then, cloud is the buzzword everywhere, with many companies large and small embracing it.

However, is the technology the real future or are there any alternatives?

To be honest, until scientists come up with something unusual, it is the future.  What’s more, some people seem to think that businesses will also be taken over by a virtual world without the need for human beings.

Now, you might think that’s rather silly, but it is certainly the view of one futurologist, Dr James Bellini who in an interview with the Daily Telegraph said: “If you go forward to the 2020s a successful enterprise will probably have no chief executive, no headquarters and no IT infrastructure.”

Now, I agree that companies will probably have no need for IT infrastructure simply because other businesses like Google will act as proxy IT departments, but I am not sure if I like the idea of handing everything over to a machine.  However, Dr. Bellini seems to think otherwise.

He added: “A company’s most valuable resource will be its connected eco-system…”

I always thought it was the employees.

If Dr. Bellini is right then the answer to question above is yes, but I hope not.

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