Becoming a Google Apps reseller

Since Google created its affiliate system some years ago there have been many businesses that have managed to become a success in their own right by hanging onto Google’s coat tails.  Perhaps the most successful is CloudSherpas.

However, if you run your own business, and are looking to expand then you don’t have to be a large company such as CloudSherpas to achieve success as an affiliate.

So, how do you become a Google Apps reseller?

Well, I believe there is now a route you can go down that does not rely directly on Google.  This is by making use of a company called MSP Excellence, seemingly a success itself.

The latter is a consulting firm that helps any business wishing to start reselling Google products and services.  It provides tools including training programmes, which are available for all Google resellers to get the best out of the new venture.

There is one downside, however, the tools are not cheap; but they aren’t beyond the resources of any small business.  For instance, the training programme, which lasts for 12 months via subscription, is $1,995 (£1,260).

The training apparently takes new resellers through what MSP Excellence calls a series of blueprints.  These include a Go-To-Market blueprint that helps in planning and marketing; a Service Pricing blueprint that helps companies get their prices right; a Sales Process blueprint that helps in managing everything from lead generation through to customer acquisition, and finally a Performance Management blueprint that trains businesses how to track their reselling performance, including improving the chances of getting recurring billing.  Selling once is great, but ongoing revenue is the goal.

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