Is Google+ now a business-oriented application?

Despite trying to take on Facebook it seems that Google’s own social networking site is changing.

While many experts, I believe, were happy to dismiss Google+ as a failure, many others, however, think that the application will become invaluable to business owners.  To start with I think it’s much easier to access than Facebook simply because once you have logged into your normal Google account such as your email account, it is just a click away to access Google+.

For those who are not familiar with G+ it works a bit differently than Facebook.  For example, you can more easily divide your contacts into particular groups called circles.  So, you would have a circle of friends, a family circle and a circle of customers and so on.  In fact the number of “circles” you can create is endless, so savvy business people can develop a great contact list related to a variety of different types.

Now you may be wondering how creating circles will help businesses, but it makes life much easier, and saves valuable time.

What’s more, circles can be shared with others so it could help build up a great relationship with clients and colleagues knowing there is a ready pool of contacts to access.  All you have to do is invite a new contact to join your own circle from someone else’s group.

Anyone using Google Apps for Business usually does so to cut down on administration, time and money.  G+ is another great addition to any business or organisation.

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