Edmonton uses Google Apps

It seems the benefits of using Google Apps have spread to at least one Canadian government organisation.  The city of Edmonton in Alberta has decided to switch away from its current IT infrastructure to using Google’s cloud-based system.

The announcement of the switch was made by Vice President of Google Enterprise, Michael Lock while a city official told webpronews.com: “[Switching will allow] access [to] their online resources from any place, location and with any device.”

City manager Simon Fairbrother added: “[City employees] will have access and be able to share and collaborate in real time on the same document whenever they want.”

This is perhaps one of the understated benefits of using Google Apps and cloud in general.  In a world that is getting smaller all the time, the need to be able to communicate quicker, share files faster and collaborate better is needed more and more.  Older technologies and applications that are still in use are no longer viable in the fast-paced world.

Not just that, with many public service authorities being forced to reduce their spending, and find ways to keep costs down, it makes more sense to use systems that do not rely on heavy maintenance.  The money saved can then be invested in other projects.

I am not sure if Edmonton is the first city council to decide to use Google’s products.  If it is, I am sure many other government authorities will be looking closely at the success of the switch.

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