Success for the University of Benin

Google’s reach seems unstoppable these days.  Benin University, which is based in Nigeria, is one of the latest educational establishments to make use of the Google Apps in Education scheme.

The university itself was founded originally as the Institute of Technology in 1970.  However, since then it has grown tremendously to offer students a wide range of educational and professional opportunities.

Today it has around 5,000 staff and 40,000 students.  So using cloud-based services is, I think, a logical expansion.

Interestingly, the university’s motto is Knowledge for Service, and taking on board relatively new innovations will give their students greater opportunities to develop; not to mention improving teaching and communication between staff and students.

Officials at Benin University, however, have not had the best of luck when choosing computing infrastructure.  Dr. Deji Fatunla, the head of the university’s information and communication services told “Despite investing in web-based email service in an attempt to avoid many of the hassles associated with a traditional on-premise model, we were facing a multitude of problems.  We had experienced some hacking incidents and there were continuous issues with loss of data and problems with downtime.”

Dr. Fatunla went on to explain that before deciding to try Google Apps for Education, the department spent most of its time trying to deal with infrastructure problems and help-desk enquiries.

However, since using the new Google system, these problems are no longer there.

Are the staff and students happy?  I believe they are very happy now, particularly since there isn’t the worry over security and unreliability.

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