Google Apps helps grow business into million dollar company

When 3Tailer began life with a $1,000 investment not many people expected them to be worth $1 million soon after, but with the help of Google Apps that is exactly what happened.

Starting out in 2005, Chad Ledford and Jon West founded 3Tailer with the intention of being a niche online marketplace.  Now they use Google Apps to run their business allowing them to minimise IT costs while at the same time maximising their infrastructure capabilities.  Speaking about their success, Jon said: “When building a company you have to maximize every minute of your time and every dollar you spend.  Google Docs has to be the simplest way for organizations to setup email and start collaborating.  Plus, I feel better knowing that our sensitive information is stored in the cloud and not on a random hard drive in our office.”

As well as using the core products that come as standard with Google Apps they have also began to utilise ones that are available on the Google Apps Marketplace including ManyMoon and Socialwok.  With the Google Apps Marketplace opening up new levels of productivity for companies who are seeking to increase their productivity, Jon believes that the fact that they are all integrated with his Android phone is an added bonus: “Google Apps has been essential in us being able to bootstrap our company from a $1,000 initial investment to millions in revenue.”

The company was recently picked as the second fastest growing company in Charlotte, North Carolina, by the Charlotte Business Journal.



  1. This article is a bit misleading. At first I thought they were resellers of Google Apps. It is also not clear whether using Google Apps is the sole reason for their success.

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