Is Zoho the most successful company of its type?

There is a company that is, I believe, a partner with Google.  It’s called Zoho.  I had never heard of it before until very recently so it came as a bit of a surprise when commentators were remarking that the company itself believes Zoho is now the most successful Google partnership in the world.

Zoho apparently creates cloud-based applications in partnership with Google and anyone searching the name will find numerous examples of their products on the Google Marketplace.

Nothing new there.  However, what is perhaps unusual is the company competes directly with Google as well as being a partner.  This, according to Zoho management, is the major reason why they consider their company to be the most successful of all Google’s partners.

A big claim indeed, but can it substantiated?  I suppose it can when you realise it now has more than 6 million customers across its SaaS applications.  Furthermore, the company believes it has a simple strategy that has enabled them to accrue the sort of customer base many companies can only dream of.

This may also be confirmed by Zoho’s Raju Vegesna who told “As a customer you shouldn’t have to worry about integrating cloud applications together.”

He added: “We’re the largest Google Apps partner; we’ve got 13 integrations with them.”

Not just that, according to the latest statistics issued by Zoho, the company is signing up around 1,000 new customers every week.

I might not have heard of Zoho before now, but I think it is a business to watch.


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