Printing on the cloud

It’s often forgotten when discussing the future of cloud that documents are still needed in paper form at times.  I think it is all very well being able to share documents online but I find it hard to read them on a screen.

So it is gratifying to know that Google realises that the need for printing should also from part of the future of cloud computing.

What’s more, the company has made it easier for those who use their smartphones.  It seems Google’s “cloud print” service has been updated to enable users to connect their mobile device – smartphone or tablet with a printer of their choice.  I also believe that the feature works best with handsets powered by Android 4.

What’s perhaps more interesting is that experts recently compared Google’s service with that of Dropbox, which has a syncing facility with PDFs.  However, the experts reckon Google’s facility is easier to use.

Furthermore, Google appears to have gone even further.  Its print service can now support printing to local FedEx offices plus integration with some printers manufactured by Cannon.  I presume it also integrates with other manufacturer’s printers such as HP but I’m not sure.  I’d be surprised if it didn’t.

Cloud Print was launched in 2010 despite what many thought was a strange idea.  After all, the iPad was supposed to have done away with paper, wasn’t it?  Personally I am glad this never became a reality.

Of course, except for books, mass print is probably something that will not return again, although those who are fervently anti-paper print will be disappointed.


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