Three benefits of Google Apps Marketplace

There are probably many benefits offered by using Google Apps, but perhaps focusing on just three is useful – or rather, focus on the benefits of the Google Marketplace.

After being condemned by a number of analysts over potential malware on its Android apps, Google decided to change the way it did things.  One of these changes was to bring under one umbrella all the apps and facilities used by its customers.  In short, the company launched Google Marketplace.

By doing this, Google itself believes it has now helped Google Apps administrators.  I have heard that one businessman – Spencer Chen, Director of Communications for Memeo, one of Google’s partners agrees.  He told “Starting today, a company’s domain administrator can very easily procure, configure, and deploy third-party services all from a central destination–the Google Apps Marketplace.”

Other entrepreneurs also welcomed the change.

However, are there any benefits for consumers?  Well, yes.  Rather than trawling through various sites looking for a particular application, Google Marketplace is now a one-stop shop.

Now, I know what you are thinking.  Other sites are one-stop shops so that’s not new.  However, it has to be realised that until recently, anyone searching for applications would have to visit the Android Market for smartphone apps and so on.  Now, whether you are a general or business customer you can access the whole range on offer once logged into your account.  What’s more, the site is accessible from your Google account.

Finally, for businesses, according one businessman, the Google Marketplace can offer a means of networking.  Leads are vital for the growth of a business.


  1. Google Marketplace can offer all google apps in one umbrella ..its really welcome to all users.

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