Could the future of cloud be in jeopardy?

Cloud computing required different thinkingIt could be if the latest attack on the internet by the US Congress gets its way.  This new attack is via a new Bill called CISPA, which stands for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.

The Bill is a replacement to previous Bills – SOPA and PIPA, which failed to get onto the US Statute Book.  However, these setbacks, I believe, have not put off politicians in the USA from attempting to try again.  Their aim is apparently to effectively control what can be published and stored on the web, basically anywhere in the world.

It’s also an attack on privacy – individual, business and organisational privacy, according to those opposing the Bill.  Seemingly, opponents suggest the Bill will allow the US federal government to freely pass private information around to third parties without anyone having recourse.  If this happens then not only will it affect how we shop online it will also affect what we can store on cloud services.

From what I gather, the Bill also uses a lot of terminology, and no one (lawyers included) knows exactly what some of the terminology means.  So, anyone wishing to go to court could find themselves in a quagmire with lawyers arguing over the meaning of words.  This inevitably will cause not only legal problems but costs to rise.  The only winners, from what I can see, will be lawyers.

How does this affect people across the world?

Countries such as France recently tried to put controls onto the internet, but seemingly failed.  However, if this American Bill gets through it could enable other nations to follow suit.

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