Keeping an eye on your stats

No sooner had Google announced they were finally launching their much vaunted cloud storage solution called Google Drive, a company called Spanning launched a companion.

Spanning is generally more known as a backup service for Google Apps, but rather than just stick to this narrow field, the firm has managed to develop something that it hopes will transform its own fortunes.

A free tool, Spanning Stats analyses your Google Drive account providing a report detailing the content (including percentage usage) of anything stored on Google Drive.

Personally, while this sounds great, I am not sure at this stage how much use it would be to me as an individual.  However, for a large business or organisation where costs are important, this could help maintain proper housekeeping.

Spanning Stats has a number of functions.  For instance, it will tell you the ten latest and oldest files stored on Google Drive.  It will also indicate the ten biggest files, and perhaps more pertinent for businesses, the ten users who are using most of the storage facility.

Google Drive was only very recently launched, but it seems Spanning must have been planning their own application for quite some time, since a spokesperson for the company told reporters that since it was launched, no fewer than 25,000 users now use the tool.  In fact, this rise is so phenomenal the application is now listed as one of the top Google Apps in Google Marketplace.

Excellent news for both Spanning and Google alike, I suspect.

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