Can a new acquisition help improve the benefits of Google Apps?

That is certainly the hope of Synacor who recently acquired Carbyn.

Synacor is a leading provider of a range of TV and communication technologies, and with Google developing its own apps for this very same purpose, the company hopes to capitalise in changes taking place in this technological area.  With that in mind, Synacor hopes that the acquisition of Carbyn will help deliver this.

For its part, Carbyn is an HTML5 platform that, I understand, delivers what has been described as a “unified experience for apps across Net-connected devices.”  These devices currently include smartphones, tablets, laptops and connected TVs.

However, Synacor will probably hope that other devices and technologies coming in the future can also be incorporated.  Furthermore, it believes it can offer customers branded platforms covering a whole host of products making use of HTML5 such as video, music, games, newspapers and magazines, whether that is by a Google app or direct to a device regardless of browser or operating system.

Speaking with Jaafer Haidar, Carbyn’s Co-Founder and CEO said: “Synacor is at the forefront of enabling apps and content across multiple screens, and we’re filling the consumer demand for a compelling, seamless experience that transcends the brand name of the devices they carry.”

Mr. Haida, who has also become the Vice President of Mobile for Synacor, added: “[The new deal will help provide] a beautiful consumer experience and more opportunity for service providers and app developers beyond Apple and Google.”

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