Cloud computing forum

With cloud and cloud computing developing at an unprecedented rate, experts from around the world are descending on Earls Court in London, I believe, for a two-day conference in June.

The basic idea of the meeting is to discuss the growing benefits of cloud with many keynote speakers from companies, which ordinarily could be described as competitors, discussing its development and how a wider spectrum of business could benefit.

One of the speakers at the forum is Werner Vogels, Amazon’s CTO.  He will discuss the importance of Amazon Web Services infrastructure (AWS).  His major focus will be on how AWS affects enterprises that use it.  Clearly, Amazon is not just involved in selling things from its global websites but is moving into a number of other areas involving cloud.

As Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at, Werner Vogel, is entrusted in driving forward Amazon’s vision for the future.  As such he perceives IaaS infrastructure as being part of this vision.

Also attending the conference is Megan Richards the European Commission’s Acting Deputy Director General (INFSO).  I believe she will present a report regarding the EU’s Digital Agenda for the Eurozone.  The focus of the report apparently will be how Europe can develop a distinct policy about cloud.

Ms Richard believes the digitisation is of paramount importance, and so care should be taken to get it right.  That way all EU nations can benefit from changes to business and the economy as the new system begins to dominate.

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