Conference told that cloud computing is the future

Delegates at a conference entitled “Connecting Up,” which is being held in Australia was told by a technology expert involved in Not for Profit (NFP) organisations that cloud computing is the future.

Allen Gunn suggested that all organisations including NFPs should be ready to embrace cloud as much as any business.  Not to do so could be a mistake.

Speaking with, Mr. Gunn said: “IT is ever-changing, which makes it expensive and hard to manage but that’s where the cloud comes in.”

He added: “It’s easier, saves you time and money, reduces staffing needs and is more secure.”

He should know, I think, as the American is Executive Director of AspirationTech.  The latter has been looking at how digital and other technologies can be used to great effect in social justice causes.

Mr. Gunn also believes there is a need for stronger real-time collaboration, and cloud will help develop this.

Allen Gunn added: “The fact that you can access what you want to access wherever you are creates new paradigms of collaboration, and because of availability, serendipity is possible.”

However, while Allen Gunn is passionate about cloud computing he also warned that there are potential dangers.  He argues that since providers of services are there to make a profit, organisations (particularly those which are essentially not for profit) should take care when signing contracts.

He told delegates at the conference that you should never sign a long term deal without an opt-out clause in the contract, simply because this technology is changing fast.

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