Energy company goes Google

If there is one thing that can be said about Google Apps, it is that they are versatile – and as far as I can tell, can be used by virtually all businesses and organisations, large or small.

One company that has certainly found this versatility of benefit is a British energy company – Melrose Resources.

Melrose Resources is a company specialising in oil and gas exploration, with headquarters in Edinburgh.  The business switched to Google in 2009 and has never regretted its decision to do so having been originally introduced to the cloud system by Cloudreach, a Google reseller based in the UK.

In a recent interview with Tom Ray, the IT Manager for Melrose said the company decided to switch because of the need for continuity if they happen to be faced with an IT disaster.  In other words, since information used by the company is stored on the cloud it is easily accessible if the IT department found itself with a hardware problem.

The previous email server was Microsoft Exchange with a hosting provider.  However, the system was expensive.  Google Apps for Business, on the other hand, offers a great service at a reasonable cost.

I don’t know whether Cloudreach approached Melrose Resources initially or the other way round, but the contact was made and the reality is that such a relationship is beneficial for both parties as well as Google itself.  Firstly, the IT department at Melrose did not need to do much other than transfer their documentation over to Google.  Secondly, all the infrastructure work was carried out by Cloudreach.

As a Google reseller, Cloudreach would also benefit financially.

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