New cloud computing partnership launched

Blytheco, an accountancy software company, has partnered with Netsuite to launch a new service that it wants to offer to both its existing and new SMB customers.

Blytheco, which has a relatively long history beginning in 1980, has around 5,000 clients and offers the well known Sage accountancy software system.  However, like many companies that create computer software, the move to cloud is perceived as not just a smart idea but a vital one if they wish to expand and grow.

As Netsuite offers cloud-based systems it is logical for Blytheco to work with such a company to offer customers a new experience while keeping them as clients.

Stephen Blythe, Founder and CEO of Blytheco told “We’re thrilled to partner with NetSuite, a cloud software provider that has established a clear market leadership and is continuously moving forward with its product and partnering enhancements and innovations.”

Before partnering with Netsuite, analysts at Blytheco decided to carry out due diligence into both its potential partner as well as the viability of switching to cloud.  Stephen Blythe added: “NetSuite is the clear leader in each of the areas we examined.”

Many businesses throughout the world now rely on the Sage accountancy software for their bookkeeping and accountancy work.  However, like all computer software, it can be expensive to maintain.  As such, providing a less expensive and lower maintenance solution to its current and future customer makes sense.

The link up with Netsuite also enables this latter company to develop its own strategies.

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