An iPad app that integrates with Google

In a interesting development showing how working with others can have benefits for everyone Cloud Sherpas a major Google reseller recently announced a new application.

FieldMap is a mobile application created for the iPad but it apparently integrates seamlessly with Google Apps for Business.

I believe the software is aimed at business people out in the field, so to speak, allowing them to manage sales and service teams remotely, but it can coordinate information with back-office applications on the cloud.

Speaking with, Ryan Northington, Senior Mobility Consultant, North America, for Cloud Sherpas said: “Working with teams in the field and coordinating schedules for customer appointments is an ongoing challenge for service organizations.”

Ryan added: “Our team works with enterprises to develop custom applications, and FieldMap is just one example of our capabilities and the types of integrated mobile solutions that we can build for our customers.”

Features of FieldMap include the ability to integrate with Google Maps and Google Calendar, the ability to schedule a team member’s appointments by using the iPad’s touchscreen and common gestures.  It is also possible to get a snapshot of team members’ schedules including the ability to view events by day, week and month.

Finally, the power of integration is shown by Cloud Sherpas’ innovation whereby all customer data can be pulled from existing backend systems.

The application is not currently available but it is expected to be officially launched soon, although I haven’t got a date.  It is downloadable from iTunes.

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