Lotus Notes still trying hard to stay ahead

I have to give IBM credit in trying to keep Lotus Notes alive even though the world in general appears to be switching to Google Apps cloud-based system.

It seems a partner of IBM, namely GBS Enterprises, which is apparently a leader in modernisation technology, is teaming up with Teamstudio to offer a Lotus Notes experience on mobile devices.

Up to now Lotus Notes users were confined to using the software offline, but I suppose with the rapid development of mobile applications it was only a matter of time that someone would have the bright idea of developing an app for this particular software.

GBS Enterprises investigated a number of potential partners before deciding on Teamstudio.  It seems the company felt the latter offered customers what has been described as a significantly lower cost of ownership.  This is important particularly since businesses are constantly looking to reduce costs but also want to use something they already know.

Which begs the question, namely, is this new Lotus Notes application aimed at existing users of the software or is GBS Enterprises looking for new customers?

As far as Teamstudio is concerned, the firm recently received accolades for its ability to develop native applications that can run on both Android and iOS platforms.  So, the company will be very happy to partner with GBS Enterprises.

Speaking with marketwatch.com, Nigel Cheshire, CEO of Teamstudio said: “We are very happy to be working with GBS.”

Similar sentiments were expressed by GBS’ Joerg Ott.

Will this prevent customers switching to Google Apps for Business?  I’m not sure.

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